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Frequently asked questions:

When to choose a life coach over a therapist?


– Both are extremely knowledgeable and have different training to help you through your time of need. So, when deciding whether to go to a therapist or a coach you should remember the following:


-Therapists’ work on unresolved underlying issues you are currently experiencing that may have started from your past.

Ex: I don’t know why I overeat. I’ve always eaten this way. (Therapist will dig deeper, possibly going into your past to see what the underlying cause is of your overeating to solve your problem).


-Coaches work on issues you are “presently” having and with your input help devise a game plan to help you achieve your future goals.

Ex: I realize that I have the tendency to overeat only with my best friend. I want my best friend and to stick to good eating habits when I’m with them. (Coach will help you discover ways to have the best of both worlds).


-Therapist are able to diagnose and (depending on their credentials) can  prescribe medication to treat your diagnosis.

-Coaches do not dispense medication or diagnose behaviors. However, a coach can refer you to a trained medical professional who can.


What is parent management training(PMT)?

-Parent management training is an evidence based program that enables certified professionals to help parents with children who have moderate to severe behavior problems. Parents learn how to decrease unwanted behaviors and increase positive behaviors.


Ex: unwanted behavior -all my toddler does is throw his toys and break them

-wanted behavior- my toddler will sit and play with a toy for 3-5 minutes without throwing or breaking it.