Meet Jaime Tavera MS. Ed CPC

Book a coaching session! Our welcome to JoyNation coaching jump start session is complimentary. It includes a getting to know you assessment to design a personalized program for you and your child.


Coaching Programs


-1:1  short term 60 minute coaching sessions helping parents work on behavior management, child development, parent-child communication tailored to each parent/child’s need. Sessions can be held in person, online, or over the phone.


-Parent workshops topics

-Too Blessed to be stressed- How to manage daily stress.

-The New age parent- Mothers and fathers redefining their role as parents.

-My Life, My Vision, My Rules- learning to live life in your own terms a journey into self discovery.

-How can I motivate my child to learn through play?


Parent/Child workshop:

-What are your superpowers?

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