Does Your Child Have Boundless Energy?

I’m sure if you call many a mom’s home on a Saturday afternoon, you would not be able to get a word in on the conversation because all you would hear is… “Sit down!” “Stop running!” “Don’t jump on that!” “I know you weren’t going to climb up there!”  It’s like someone left the energizer bunny behind and you can’t shut it off. Instead of running through hoops to catch up with your child, try these 5 tips to help calm your child with boundless energy.

-have scheduled physical activity- According to the Center of disease and prevention control, children should have at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. You may not have time to do 60 minutes straight, but including smaller periods of exercise time will certainly allow your child to get rid of some of that pent up energy. For example:

10am-family walk (20min)
2pm-wii fit (20min)
5pm-indoor hop scotch (20min)

If your child is verbal have them identify activities that they would like to do during their exercise time so that they have something to look forward to.

-tell them what they can do instead of what they can’t. I know, I know, sometimes all you need for them to do is stay still for a minute. All that movement seems like it just gets them into trouble. It’s like they have ants in their pants. No matter how many times you say “no” or don’t do that they are doing it and doing it oh so well… So, tell them instead what they can do. “Shawn, no jumping on the bed. Jump on the trampoline.”  “Vanessa, no somersaults inside. Let’s do some yoga.” Christopher “no” running. Let’s play hide- n -seek. You may have to be the facilitator until they learn which activities are appropriate to do in the house.

-watch their sugar intake. I am not a dietician and I know every child is different. However, if you give your child a piece a candy and they want to run a marathon; then chances are it was the piece of candy that made them want to run a marathon. (Whoa, 😩that was a lot to say.) It was really a reference to the Laura Joffe Numeroff books. But the point still remains. If your child is sensitive to sweets including fruit juices, sodas, sport drinks etc. limiting their access to them really is what is best.

-Check your cleaning products- this is something I’ve noted working as a special instructor. Some children may be sensitive to certain scents. Note if your child happens to be a little more agitated after you have cleaned your home. Changing cleaning products may be a solution.

-get your zen on- just like you can incorporate physical activities in for your child, you can plan for those zen full moments too. Some activities that can have a calming effect are
Playdoh, block play, story time, painting, quiet time in a tent, and yoga. Each child is different so check to see what activities naturally put your child in a zen like state of mind.

Does your child have ants in their pants? What activities do you do to help calm your child? Please feel free to comment. Your email will not be shared with a third party.

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